Go Lakers!!! Postseason Predictions

April 15, 2009


This is my first post and I just want to start it all off with my favorite sports team of all time: The Los Angeles Lakers! Ever since I was wearing diapers, the purple and gold jerseys have been imprinted on my mind. I have been watching the Lakers since the times of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Magic Johnson. Then came Kobe, Shaq, Van Exel, Horace Grant, Rick Fox, Gary Payton, Karl Malone….etc. Anyways, enough about the past…the Lakers are number 1 in the West! With a strong 65-17 finish, the Lakers are going to take it all! Not even MVP hopeful Lebron James can take that away. As the games roll by, i’ll keep posting.

On another note, I am interested in knowing who will win the awards this season. Here are my predictions as the post-season begins…

Most Valuable Player:


Candidates: Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dywane Wade

My Choice: Lebron James

Cavs are number 1 because Lebron is number 1.

Defensive Player of the Year:

chris-paulCandidates: Kevin Garnett, Ron Artest, Chris Paul

My Choice: Chris Paul

Stls leader with 214 for the season.

Rookie of the Year:

derrick-roseCandidates: Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, O.J. Mayo

My Choice: Derrick Rose

“Which rookie of the year contender is on a team that made it to the playoffs? Only D. Rose.”

Most Improved Player:

76075480JG017_CAVS_NETSCandidates: Devin Harris, Jeff Green, Rodney Carney

My Choice: Devin Harris

Game Vs. Phoenix: 47 Points, 8 Assists, 7 Rebounds. CP3 Like…

Well Thats all for now…